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Pole Band

Pole bands are accessories used on pole guys and insulator attachment. They ensure various equipment to be easily mounted on utility poles.

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    A pole band is an accessory that is used for attaching secondary racks to the poles. The secondary racks are then used for supporting other pole line fittings and even the cables. A pole band is also known as the pole fastener or a fastening clamp.

    Given their function, pole bands are used on different types of poles. You can choose to buy a power line pole band or telephone pole band.

    When it comes to the pole band designs, they are designed to suit perfectly around the poles. A single pole band comprises of two pieces of metal which are enjoined together by bolts to form a circular-like shape. The bolts ensure that the pole band is attached to the pole tightly.

    The pole bands come in different sizes so you should choose one whose diameter will match with your pole. You can even request for the custom size of the pole band.

    The simplicity of these pole bands makes it easy to install them at their appropriate positions on the pole. It will also allow you to make the necessary adjustments when that time comes.

    For the purpose of stability and reliability, our pole bands are made of galvanized steel material. This material has a high tensile strength which enables it to sustain heavy loads. The pole band won’t snap or break easily even when supporting heavy items.

    The hot dip galvanized coating protects the steel surface from various elements that can damage this power line hardware. Such elements include dust, water, chemicals, and heat.

    If you are planning to import a pole band in China, talk to us. We are a reliable pole band manufacturer that you can trust.

    What is a Pole Band?

    Otherwise called a pole clasp or a pole clip, this is a pole frill that is utilized for securing or connecting different embellishments onto the pole.

    A pole band will give a stage where you can interface different frill, gadgets, or even line associations straightforwardly to the pole.

    A pole band is folded over the pole firmly with the goal that it can ensure steadiness when associated with different gadgets.

    Obviously, its solidarity is only one reason why it is equipped for playing out this undertaking easily.

    What are the types of Pole Bands for Utility?

    Since there are various kinds of utilities, their pole connection equipment won’t be generally something very similar. There exist various kinds of pole bands to fill these various needs.

    Single Offset Pole Band

    This kind of pole cinch band is known for its novel square which is solidly in the center of the pole band.

    Twofold Offset Pole Band

    This kind of pole band is intended to be utilized on two lines subsequently the name twofold.

    With this plan, it implies that each round of the band has a square segment that is decisively situated in the center part of the band.

    This is a type of pole band that is specifically designed to be connected with some types of cables.

    Two cables that are usually used with this pole attachment hardware are ADSS and OPGW cables.

    The pole band features a leg-like extension on one of its sides. There are holes in this extension that are connected to the ZH and U clevis.

    Telephone Segment Pole Band

    As the name suggests, this pole band is basically used for telephone lines.

    It gives a position of association with the telephone transmission connects to the poles.

    Interface Style Pole Band

    This is one of the most adaptable sorts of pole band. This is in light of the fact that it might be used for some applications and on different kinds of poles.

    You can use interface style pole band steel poles, wooden poles, significant poles, and steel poles without entering bolts on the poles.

    Also, these pole snaps can without a doubt oblige poles of different breadths.

    There are two assortments of association style pole bands. These are half and full association pole bands.

    The associating design grants you to change the pole snap dependent upon the estimations of the pole.

    Pole bands can in like manner be perceived considering the amount of bolts that they have.

    This is where we can have a 3 bolt pole band and 4 bolt pole band.

    Key Components of Pole Band Hardware

    Here are the chief pieces of an ordinary pole band:

    • Steel bands: These are the two segments that are accumulated around the pole to shape a support.
    • Screws/hooks: Fasteners are used for holding the steel bands together around the pole. It can either be a 3 bolt band or a 4 bolt band.
    • Openings: Provide the space for the association of the bolts to complete the relationship with the bands.
    • Cuts are used for cutting or adding the pole band to the pole.
    • Cotter key: This part is principally found on the association style pole.

    Particular Specifications of Pole Bands

    Before you buy pole bands in China or somewhere else, there are a couple of particular judgments that you ought to be totally aware of.

    • Pole band material: Most pole bands are made of level carbon steel instead of cutting steel. Beside the strength, carbon steel is successfully malleable.
    • Pole band wrapping up: The best pole band finishing is hot-plunge galvanization.
    • Unbending nature: The base flexibility rating of a utility pole band is 560N/NM2.
    • Pole band width: Pole bands come in different distances across depending upon their areas of usage.
    • Pole band angles: You should in like manner know various perspectives, for instance, length and thickness of the pole band preceding buying.

    Picking Utility Pole Band Manufacturer

    I believe that at this point you have a full understanding of the pole bands for power and various utilities.

    The undeniable issue is, where might I anytime at any point buy the best pole band cut?

    With the many pole band cuts watching out, picking one can be an enraged communication. Regardless, you don’t have to go off the deep end as there is used always a leave plan.

    The best decision is to buy from a trustworthy utility pole band maker. Thus, you will verify the quality and constancy of this pole enhancement.

    TTF Power is the association that you should contact when you want to buy quality utility pole band snaps in China.

    We have numerous long stretches of association with arranging, collecting, and exchanging utility pole bands.