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Cutout Fuse

Cutout fuse combines a fuse and switch. The unit allows transformer to disconnect from the power line in case of emergency. It consists of a fusible metal bar supported between two terminal clips by an insulator. If a short circuit occurs, the fusible metal bar will melt, protecting electronic devices form the overcurrent damage and operation errors of the inner electronic components. Cutout fuse has been widely used in power systems, electrical installations as well as domestic appliances. As a failsafe, its operational principle is simple and installation convenient.

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    Fuse Cutout

    Fuse is an electrical equipment. It disconnects the circuit when the current exceeds value. When the current exceeds the rated value, the fuse can melt the melt by its heat generation, finally cut out the circuit. This the the operation principle of the fuse, or current protect. The now widely used in high and low distribution system, controlling system and in electrical devices. As a circuit protector, it is also the commonly used among others.

    Functions of Fuse Cutout

    High voltage fuse cutout will cutout the circuit when go through the short circuit or overload current for protecting the electrical equipment. They are widely used on 3 to 35 kV small scale equipment for protecting lines working as a transformer, electric motor and voltage transformer.


    The high voltage can be classified as three kinds.

    Install Location

    There are two kinds of places can install the high voltage fuse cutout. Indoor installation and outdoor install.

    Action Feature

    Fixed fuse and dropout fuse are two kinds of actions of the fuse cutout. Fixed fuse is the fuse installed on the power line without any accessories. Dropout fuse is the fuse with a switch to protect the overall line operation.

    Working Feature

    Limited flow and infinite flow effect are two working features of cutout fuse. Limited flow can cut out the short circuit before impulse short circuit current arrive.