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TTF Power is a manufacturer and supplier of utility pole hardware fittings, transmission line accessories and power line construction equipment, offering the most extensive range of products in the industry, excellent value, and knowledgeable service.

Line Construction

Overhead Connector

Structure Support

Power Line Hardware & Accessories

pole line hardware supplier

Pole Line Hardware

power line insulator supplier

Power Line Insulator

utility fastener supplier

Utility Fastener

conductor hardware supplier

Conductor Hardware

cutout fuse supplier

Cutout Fuse

grounding anchor supplier

Grounding Anchor

power surge arrester supplier

Power Surge Arrester

Market-Tested Manufacturer

TTF Power is a leading manufacturer of power line hardware and ADSS / OPGW accessories, including electrical insulator, lightning arrester, drop out fuse, guy wire, suspension clamps and more.

Our products have reached customers from more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, including South East Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

At the heart of our success is our unwavering focus on customer service. That is because we prioritize product quality above all else.

Our automated production lines, experienced engineering team, and flexible OEM services enable us to maintain industry’s quality standards and provide cost-effective solutions.

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Latest News

Top Tie Strength: Taming ADSS & OPGW Beasts

A top tie is a hardware designed to secure and support conductors in overhead transmission lines. It is also used to secure ADSS and OPGW cables to support structures like utility poles or towers. A top tie for ADSS/OPGW cables has designs to hold the cable in place...

Spool Tie Strength: Taming ADSS & OPGW

A spool tie is a type of hardware used in the installation of ADSS and OPGW cables on utility poles and towers. It provides a secure and reliable method for attaching the cables to their support structures. It has a helical design that wraps around the cables and the...


Check out the most frequently asked questions from our customers. Please contact us for a FREE qutation via

How do I request samples before placing my order?

You may send us a sample request via, providing a name and address for delivery. The sample will be free of charge if it is in-stock. Otherwise, a small fee will be charged. We also ask you to kindly cover the shipping cost.

Will I be charged for requesting new designs?

Yes, a small fee will be charged. That is because producing samples based on new designs will cost significant amount of raw material and labor. However, the fee will be deducted from your invoice if you placed an order later.

How fast will my order get delivered?

The exact timeframe for delivery depends on many factors, including order quantity, stock availability, and others. Generally speaking, if your order is already in-stock and its payment has been fulfilled, we will ship it out ASAP. Otherwise, our sales representative will provide you an estimated timeframe based on your order. You will receive email updates every step of the process.

Does your product meet the standards in my country?

The industry standards for electric power systems are different among geographical regions. We recommend that you consult our sales specialists via, providing the standard codes required in your country. You may also request samples and perform tests in order to make sure that our products would meet your requirement.

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