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Parallel Groove Clamp

Parallel groove clamp is a type of overhead line connector. It is used for connecting aluminum wire and steel wire, protecting from the overhead lighting. and does not bear any tension.

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    TTF is a manufacturer of Parallel Groove clamps and suspension clamps in China. Our PG clamps are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum that is both strong and resistant to a variety of chemical and physical abrasion. Additionally, the aluminum metal absorbs the excessive clamping force required when parallel conductors are clamped. Additionally, it provides resistance to ultraviolet rays. Our messenger suspension clamps are used to secure cable, cable bundles, and cable strands.

    What is PG Clamp?

    Parallel Groove Clamps are frequently referred to as PG clamps. There are several instances where parallel conductors must be installed. One of them is when a second conductor is required in a closed loop. Such applications necessitate the purchase of a parallel grove clamp.

    A parallel groove clamp is made up of two components: an upper section and a lower section. They are brought together to apply clamping force to the transmission line. This could be a power line or a data cable.

    Parallel groove conductors are designed with a ‘precise fit’. This enables it to be accurately clamped and provide the desired support. Additionally, the clamp’s design enables it to accommodate conductors of varying sizes. The parallel groove serves as a platform for the conductor to rest on.

    Features of PG Clamp

    Has pressure pads on its edges to withstand the clamping force when it is applied excessively. Comes with sufficient strength to complete the connection during installation Provides a perfect electrical contact while minimizing corrosion Pressure is distributed uniformly across the clamp.

    What is a Messenger Suspension Clamp?

    A messenger suspension clamp is a specialized piece of hardware made of plastic or metal that is used to fasten cables or transmission lines. Messenger suspension clamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on their intended application.

    What are the Applications of Messenger Suspension Clamps?

    Messenger suspension clamps are used in a variety of applications that need the connection and security of cable or cable bundles. Messenger suspension cable clamps are ideal for power transmission lines because they can securely hold the cable while allowing it to move freely without causing damage.

    What are the Main Messenger Suspension Cable Clamp Configurations?

    Messenger suspension clamps are classified into three distinct categories. There are three types: street line, angled, and C cable serpentine. All messenger suspension clamps come in a variety of sizes ranging from 7mm to 45mm and feature a high tensile strength.

    What Characteristics do Messenger Suspension Clamps Possess?

    Are they suitable for transmission lines of electricity? Messenger suspension clamp is made of stainless steel and may be used outside without issue. Prior to installation, the messenger suspension clamp is thoroughly tested.

    How do you Install the Messenger Suspension Clamp?

    A sleeve is used to install the Messenger suspension clamp. The messenger suspension cable clamp is fixed first on the cable, followed by the sleeve that has been placed over the conductor (which will carry the electricity). A cable mount then securely connects both of these, preventing the cable clamps from slipping.

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