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Grounding Anchor

Grounding anchor, or earth anchor, is a device for stabilizing and steadying the power pole. Grounding anchor includes anchoring & foundation, grounding and rods. They are widely used among telecommunication projects, infrastructure, construction, and utility industries worldwide. With high tensile strength, they stabilize and support power structures in order to prevent them from falling or sliding. They also serve as the solutions for utility infrastructure construction and repair issues as well.

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    Grounding anchor is a device that is used to support structures that are established high above the ground. They are mainly classified according to application which includes:

    • Reserving structures
    • Securing utility poles
    • Con-structural support of buildings
    • Landscape such as drainage
    • Sporting activities

    Our main focus here is based on utility anchors. Utility anchors are mainly used in transmission lines, telephone poles and telecommunication lines. Utility anchors come in different sizes and shapes and are designed in a manner that prevents water from getting into them which make them highly durable. They are easy to install and does not interfere with the electricity lines attached to it.

    Types of Utility Anchors

    Disk Anchor

    This is made up of three steel pieces which are used to maintain utility lines that are 4 inches in diameter. It is attached with the help of bolts, nuts and washers which makes the process of installation very easy.

    Cross-plate Anchor

    These are utility anchors that have a cross plate shape where the utility line is placed and it is kept in place by the diagonal angles of the utility line. It ensures that wires are firmly placed and reduce the movement from their place. This ensures that the utility line is free from damages by the harsh weather conditions. The installation process is easy as it is installed with bolts.

    Helical Anchor

    Helical anchors are designed with a curved structure that probes the utility pole. They come in two different models such as single helix utility anchor and multi-utility line utility anchor. These anchors are installed using utility lines which are fastened to the utility poles.

    No-wrench Screw Anchor

    The no-wrench screw anchors are used to safely connect the anchors to the surface of the concrete poles. They are always installed on the outer part of the utility pole. To tightly support the pole, the screws are screwed into a threaded hole using force. They are easy to install as they do not require any extra processes.

    Pole Key Anchor

    This is used to resist utility forces that lead to utility movements. It is installed near the utility ground surface. They help resist crossing of wires on the utility pole that is brought by strong winds.

    Power Hub Screw Anchor

    This is the most common type of anchor used for utility poles. It consists of an attachment screw that is attached to the utility pole.

    Rock Anchor

    Rock anchor is a utility pole support device that is either made from concrete or steel with a wooden shaft on the inside to provide support to the utility structure.

    Manta Ray Utility Anchor

    These can be installed to support utility poles that are embedded into concrete. They have a bolt, nut, wedge and utility poles. These design help in making them easy to install and they are also cheaper to purchase compared to other utility anchors.

    Characteristics of Utility Pole Anchors

    The design and dimensions if the anchors can be customized to meet the need and requirements it is intended to do.

    They can be used for utility poles, utility anchors and other outdoor applications that require strong support.

    The anchors are made from galvanized stainless steel which makes them resists breaking, bending and corrosion

    The anchors are made in a unique design as it has two attachment points at the top and bottom which make the securing of the utility pole strong and safe.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are earth anchors?
      A. These are ground anchors designed to help in supporting structures high above the ground.
    • What are the types of earth anchors?
      A. Earth anchors are categorized according to their applications which include retaining walls, utility poles, support of buildings, landscape such as drainage and sporting outdoor activities.
    • How long can earth anchors last?
      A. Ground anchors are made from galvanized stainless steel which helps them withstand corrosion. They can last for about 120 years. This also helps in reducing the maintenance and replacement cost of the anchors.
    • How much weight can the earth anchors hold?
      A. The weight is determined by the type of soil and the material the anchor is made from. Most anchors can hold up to 800 pounds.