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Expanding / Plate Anchor Rod

Anchor rods are fasteners used for supporting power poles. They are installed in concrete foundations.

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    Guy anchor rods are also known as guy wire anchor rods, anchor rods, and guy anchor. If you want to install guy wires to your overhead power line, you’ll need to purchase guy anchors. The guy wire and the ground are connected by this power line hardware.Tensile strength is one of the most important properties of a strong guy anchor. It should be sturdy enough to withstand the tensional stress that the guy wire exerts diagonally.

    The galvanized steel material is responsible for the guy anchor’s strength. The advantage of using steel for the guy anchor is that it does not easily give in to external forces. It can withstand the tensional and physical stresses applied by the guy wire.

    The galvanized coating protects the guy anchor from the elements. It ensures that the guy anchor’s physical structure is not harmed by factors such as weather, heat, or chemicals. In other words, the guy anchor will last a long time.

    Guy anchors are available in a variety of styles and sizes. When purchasing a guy anchor, you must first determine the exact length that would be appropriate for your purpose. The rod diameter of the guy anchor is another measurement element to be aware of.

    Guy anchors include circular holes of varying diameters. Furthermore, the number of holes on one guy anchor rod may differ from the number of holes on the other anchor rod.

    Some guy anchors have a top plate where the guy wire can be attached. You can also ask for solutions that are designed for specific requirements.

    Simply contact us if you require any additional information, such as the price of a custom-made guy anchor.

    The Complete Guide to Guy Wire Anchor Rod

    When it comes to mounting a structure to the ground, such as a utility pole, there are numerous aspects to consider. The first and most crucial question is whether or not the pole will remain steady.

    In the case of street and traffic lights, a structure such as a pole is typically utilized to support wire and other fixtures such as lighting retrofits. Other stresses will be exerted against the pole in addition to the fittings.

    To provide the necessary support, guy wires are frequently linked to the pole. The guy wire is grounded or connected below the ground from the pole.

    A guy wire anchor rod comes in handy in this situation. It has been the most reliable anchor for poles and structural columns for many years.

    What is  a Guy Anchor Rod?

    Guy  anchor rod, also known as a guy anchor bolt or foundation bolt, is a heavy-duty fastener that supports the guy wire by being placed in a concrete foundation.

    The guy wire that extends from the pole to the ground provides additional support to the pole in order for it to remain stable. And how was the guy wire held in place on the ground? This is where the anchor rod enters the picture.

    Given its critical job and installation location, an anchor rod is naturally required to be robust enough to hold the entire load of the pole or structure it is supporting.

    What Applications do Guy Anchor Rods Have?

    As we’ve seen, an anchor rod is an excellent concrete fastener. You’ll need an anchor rod if you want to put a guy wire on a pole or another structure.

    Anchor rod can be used for a variety of functions, including:

    • A power pole line is a line that connects two electric poles.
    • Poles for telephone system
    • Structural columns -Streetlight poles
    • Girds

    Anchor rods come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Among the most common are:
    Cast in place anchor rod

    This is the most powerful anchor rod available. Because of its super strength, it is an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications.

    An embedded end piece, which is used as a shear connector in embedded or composite structures, distinguishes cast in place anchor rod.

    This anchor bolt’s strength allows it to be utilized for anchoring components onto concrete floors of building structures, particularly for permanent fixtures and structures, in addition to pole lines.

    The other type of anchor rod is Post-Installed Anchor Rod

    As the name implies, After you’ve installed all of the necessary components, you can install these anchor rods.

    The rod can be installed on any concrete structure as long as a hole has already been drilled.

    This anchor rod has a distinctive characteristic that can be noticed both before and after installation and maintenance.

    Guidelines for Using Guy Anchor Rods Effectively

    When is it appropriate to remark that an anchor rod is effective? This is true when the rod can securely hold a guy wire into the foundation to support the pole line. Here are a few crucial aspects to consider in order to get the most out of your anchor rod.

    Mechanical Expansion Anchors

    This manner of operation is dependent on the friction force. It remembers that a frictional force transfer generates an expansion force to interlock with the anchor rod.

    Displacement-controlled mechanical anchors and torque-controlled anchors are two types of anchors that govern the exchange of forces.

    Undercut Anchors

    This technique is based on the fact that the force applied to the interlock is greatly influenced by the mechanical interlock.

    A contact surface is generated between the wall of the holes and the anchor head during the drilling process. As a result of the bearing tension being exchanged, the anchor rod becomes more effective.

    Screw Anchors

    The mechanism employed will be determined by the pressure applied between the concrete band and the screw pitches.

    Bonded Anchor

    When the bonded tension is comprised of organic material, this technique typically functions properly.

    Threaded rods and ribbed bars tend to act as adhesive anchors for the fastener in this case.

    Powder Actuated Anchor

    The anchor rod’s mechanism works by transferring force through mechanical interlocks.

    It’s a frequent link between steel and steel.

    The Important Specification You Need Check When Choose Guy Anchor


    Anchor rods for guy wire are available in a variety of weights. The weight of the rod you select will be determined by the application. Quality anchor rods, by definition, are heavy enough to hold the weight of the guy wire.

    Tensile Strength

    The physical strength of the anchor rod of the guy wire is determined by its tensile strength. The rod’s high tensile strength implies it can withstand a lot of pressure.


    The hardness of an anchor rod impacts how well it can perform its function.


    Anchor rods are available in a variety of sizes. You must double-check information such as length and diameter, among other things. The size you select will be determined by the nature of your application.

    Quality Standards and Conformity

    You should also check to see if it was made in accordance with international standards.

    ASTM, A153, ANSI, and IEEE are the most popular standards for guy wire anchor rods.

    How to Install an Anchor Rod?

    You must properly install the guy anchor rod to guarantee that it working perfectly.

    Allowing experienced experts to install the bolt is recommended. The processes for installing a guy anchor rod are outlined below.

    When placing the anchor rod on the concrete, make sure it is in the exact location where you want to install it.

    Ensure that the threads of the anchor rod are lubricated before putting them into the concrete to reduce their impact.

    Tighten the rod with the help of a template that you’ll discard after you’re through.

    When it’s time to assemble the structure, don’t forget to put the washers on the rod. After the construction is complete, add another washer.

    Tighten the bolt to ensure that the anchor rod is firmly embedded in the concrete.

    One of the Best Manufacturer of Guy Anchor in China

    TTF is one of China’s most reliable anchor rod manufacturers. Anchor rods of various patterns, shapes, and diameters are designed and manufactured by us. The anchor rods are usually customized to fit your individual project.

    Our anchor rods are of the highest quality and can be used for a variety of tasks. Power pole lines, telecommunication networks, electricity street light poles, and traffic lights are all ideal candidates.

    Place your order for quick shipment if your pole lines feature guy wires that require anchor rods that match our size and design. We will design and produce new stock rods for your application if you require different specifications.

    All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest. We will provide you with high-quality anchor rods that will meet your requirements.