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Formed Wire

Formed wire, a.k.a preformed line products, is made into a specific form using wire spools. Preformed wires are designed to support, protect, terminate and splice overhead transmission / distribution lines. They are also used as accessories on bolted, welded, and compressed connectors at substations. We provide a wide rage of products for OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) and ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) fiber optic cables, which are commonly used to monitor and control power networks.

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    What is a Guy Wire

    The term guy is derived from the word rope, cable or cord which is used to steady, order or assure. The term originated from the French and Dutch as they used it to steady their masts while sailing. A guy wire is a tension cable programmed to add stability to a free standing design. They are also known as guy line, guy rope, stay, or just simply is also used for structures which are of some considerable high and cannot self-support themselves.

    Uses of Guy Wires

    Power System

    Guy wires are used in utility lines which are over long distances whereby they are installed underground connecting these poles so that the unbalanced weight for the overhead power lines may not break the poles. They are also used to make sure the installed poles are joined in a straight line and help prevent electric shocks in case someone touches it.

    Telecommunications and Broadcasting

    The guy wires used for power systems are the same as the guy wires used on telephone poles and antennae.

    Guy Wire Fittings

    Guy wire is designed with other fitting and components for different purposes and applications. They are used together to provide stability to poles and towers and other utility designs. These fittings are as follows:

    Dead End Grip

    The dead end grip composes of the guy wire dead end grips used on the preformed grip. Guy wire preformed grips are used on end poles. It then joins the backbone rod to achieve the use of setting the pole.

    Guy Grip

    Guy grip has formed legs using grits on each turn that reserve the conductor wire or fiber optic cable. It is used to link and grip grounding cable, the conductor and the optical fiber program.

    Guy Clamp

    Guy clamp is used on the communication line. It is used along with the stay wire and anchor rod to create the pole securely.

    Guy Thimble

    It is accessed on the electric power line. It connects using all the preformed cables to help hold the cable.

    Pole Band

    A pole band consolidates a single offset pole band and a double offset pole band.

    Pole Top Make Off

    This is used as a clamp on the top of the power cable; it supersedes the wedge clamp and stabilize the pole on the earth.


    This is used for connecting rope, chain and slings.

    Stay Insulator

    Stay insulator are made so that the tension on the cord is transformed into a force.

    Stay Rods

    Stay rods are used with guy wires in tower construction and electricity poles.


    These are used for pushing or pulling apart guy anchors.

    Characteristics of a Good Guy Wire

    A good guy wire means it can help steady the designs for a long period of time. It has the following features:
    • Durable in terms of service life.
    • Ability to withstand high tension.
    • Ability to stretch.
    • Have a good design and add hardware safely.
    • Selection of quality raw materials.

    How to Install Guy Wires

    Guy wires are not complicated when installing but it should be done by a professional to make it effective. It should be done from the top of the pole going down and not any other way. The guy wire is fitted on top of the pole with a guy ring and a clamp, wrap the wire several rounds to avoid unraveling.

    Anchor your wires at a 45 degree angle from the pole to the ground. This helps in balancing the weight from the pole. Using the turnbuckles, you can rotate them and fix them and your installation is done.

    Frequently Asked Question

    • What are guy wires?
      A. Guy wires is a light cable that is used to help steady tall towers to help in balancing the weight on the poles.
    • What are types of gut wire fittings?
      A. The fittings used with guy wire are:
      • Shackles
      • Turnbuckles
      • Thimbles
      • Guy clamps
      • Dead end grips
    • Why is it called a guy wire?
      A. The term originated from the French and the Dutch where they used the term “gei” referring to a rope that they used to steady their ships when sailing.