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Down Lead Clamp

Usage and Characteristics

It is used in fixing OPGW optical cable or ADSS optical cable on the tower. It is suitable for cables with different diameters. It is reliable and easy to install.
Drop clamp has two types, one is for pole and the other is for tower. ADSS optical cable adopts rubber clamp in generally, OPGW optical cable adopts metal clamp.

Assembly Drawing

down lead clamp


Specification for Down Lead Clamp

ItemTypeAvailable Diameter of Cable (mm)Weight (kg)Note
Rubber Down Lead Clamp for PoleATF 11109.0-11.10. 85
Using for ADSS
ATF 133011.2-13.3
ATF180015. 6-18.0
Metal Down Lead Clamp for PoleOTF 2408. 5-24.00.85Using for OPGW
Rubber Down Lead Clamp for Tower
ATF11109.0-11.1 0.95 Using for ADSS
ATF 155013.4-15.5
ATF 180015.6-18.0
Metal Down Lead Clamp for TowerOTF 2408.5-24.00.95Using for OPGW

Vibration Damper

Power optical cable anti-vibrationhas two types, spiral anti-vibration whip and anti-vibration damper. The anti-vibration has function of controlling aeolian of optical cable. The installation quantity, location,distance of each span vibrator should be determined by status of line.
Anti-vibration damper has 4D anti-vibration damper and helical armor rod anti-vibration damper. 4D anti-vibration damper will be fixe on the optical cable through armour rod; the helical armor rod will be fixed on the cable through equipped helical armor rod.

Helical Vibration Damper

Usage and Characteristics

Spiral anti-vibration whip is made of engineering plastic with high strength, aging resistance and elasticity. It is non-metal material, so there is no mechanical damage to optical cable.
Spiral anti-vibration whip is widely used in ADSS optical cable. It is composed of a short holding section and a long anti-vibration section. The holding section could hold optical cable effectively, and fix the spiral anti¬vibration whip on the cable firmly; anti-vibration section could has damping effect through collide each other of optical cables, consume the vibration energy of optical cable so it could weaken the aeolian vibration of optical cable.

Photograph of Helical Vibration Damper

Specification of Helical Vibration Damper

The Specification for Helical Vibration Damper

TypeAvailable Diameter of Cable (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)
TF 0830 1266. 35-8.2912600.22
TF1170 1308.30-11.7013000.28
TF 1430 13511.71-14.3013500.30
TF 1930 16714.31-19.3016700.66

Recommendation of Helical Vibration Damper Allocated

Span (m)Number/Span