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Anticorona Ring


It is used in the electric transmission line with voltage of 110KV and above. When erect ADSS optical cable on same pole or tower, the optical cable is in higher space potential, the end of helical armor rod is easy to cause anticorona ring, and pose threat to safe run of optical cable. So this anticorona ring is mainly for changing the status of electric field of end of helical armor rod, improving corona starting voltage as more than 1 times. The material of anticorona ring is high quality aluminum alloy rod.

Molding Method

According to diameter of optical cable
Two sets of anticorona ring equipped with one set of suspension clamp

A set of anticorona ring equipped with each set of strain clamp

Vibration Damper with Helical Wire

Usage and characteristics

Anti-vibration measure should be considerated. Anti-viberation damper could eliminate or reduce th vibration or dancing effectively when the cable runs. Helical armor rod anti-viberation damper is composed of hammerblock and helical armor rod.

The new helical armor rod anti-vibration damper provided by us has specific weight and reasonable appearance, which could bring manu resonant frequencies and prevent vibration effectively.

Sketch Map of Vibration Damper with Helical Wire

anticorona ring

Specification of Vibration Damper with Preformed Wire

Specification of Type I Vibration Damper with Helical Wire

TypeCable Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/set)

VDI 1150
VDI 131113.1114.81
VDI 148214. 8216.62
VDI 166316. 6318. 53
VDI 185418. 5420.54
VDI 101010.1011.49
VDI 225520.5522.55
VDI 8808.8010.09

Specification of Type II Tuning Fork Vibration Damper with Helical Wire

TypeCable Diameter (no)Application Conductor
Area (mm2)
Weight (kg)